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In the bustling maritime landscape of the United Arab Emirates, an unassuming marine surveying company named Cleghorn, Wilton & Associates (CWA) Ltd quietly marked its inception around 1976. Back then, the UAE was rapidly evolving into a global trade hub, attracting a myriad of both national and international clients who sought meticulous audits and inspections for their seafaring vessels. CWA swiftly became a dependable name,

ensuring the safety, compliance, and reliability of ships navigating the vast oceans.

In 1999, a distinguished figure in the maritime world, Chief Engineer Sunil Jaitly, concluded his illustrious tenure on ships and embarked on a new journey as a marine surveyor. Recognizing the potential of CWA, he joined its ranks, bringing with him a wealth of hands-on experience and a deep-rooted passion for the maritime industry.

The turn of the millennium brought transformation.

By 2002, Sunil Jaitly's dedication and vision had propelled him to the position of General Manager at CWA. With this new leadership role, he set out to redefine the company's trajectory. His visionary spirit led to a bold diversification of CWA's service portfolio, introducing the concept of flag state inspections. These inspections ensured that vessels adhered to the regulations and standards set by their registered flag state, enhancing

safety and operational excellence on the high seas.

By 2004, a significant chapter in CWA's narrative was written. Chief Engineer Jaitly's commitment to the company and its mission reached a zenith as he acquired complete shareholding in CWA Dubai. This marked a pivotal moment in the company's history, solidifying his dedication and investment in its growth.


With Sunil Jaitly at the helm, CWA underwent a remarkable evolution. The company's reputation swelled, earning it a place among the largest marine surveying and auditing firms in the UAE. But Sunil's aspirations reached even further. He envisioned CWA not merely as a maritime service provider, but as a catalyst for innovation and progress in the maritime industry.

Expanding its horizons, CWA set its sights on the challenging realm of offshore structural design, engineering, and analysis within the Oil & Gas Industry. This leap into uncharted waters showcased CWA's adaptability, technical prowess, and unwavering commitment to excellence. However, the company's ambitions did not halt there.


With each passing year, CWA continued to surge ahead. The maritime landscape was transforming, and environmental consciousness was taking center stage. Sunil Jaitly understood the imperative of sustainability and decarbonization in the maritime world. CWA's journey now embraced the vital mission of reducing the carbon footprint of the global merchant fleet,

a monumental task that required innovative strategies and bold initiatives.

Emphasizing environmental stewardship, CWA ventured into uncharted waters once again, this time focusing on environmental offsets. The company's holistic approach sought to counterbalance its maritime activities by investing in initiatives that nurtured the planet and mitigated its impact.

As the pages of CWA's story continue to unfold, the tale of Chief Engineer Sunil Jaitly and his dedicated team serves as an inspiration to the maritime world. From humble beginnings as a marine surveying company, CWA's transformation into a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and excellence exemplifies the remarkable power of

vision, determination, and a deep-seated love for the seas that connect our world.



CWA is the premier choice for all your shipping needs, offering expert advice and technical support for your shipping and transportation projects. Our team of professionals has years of experience in the industry and can assist you with a variety of services, including ship surveying, inspections, cargo surveys, and more. At CWA, we take pride in our excellent customer service and commitment to quality. Put your trust in us for all your shipping needs.

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