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Crane Grab Testing


  • CWA is a trusted name in ship surveying and marine consulting, offering a wide range of services to clients around the world. With expertise in ship design, structural engineering, and propulsion systems, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of vessels in every sector. 

  • Our team of experienced professionals has worked on a variety of projects, including the conversion of a Landing Craft to a Private Pleasure Craft.

  • As consultants to one of the world's first floating water desalination plants, we have demonstrated our commitment to innovative solutions that deliver long-term value. Contact us today to learn how we can help you navigate the complexities of the marine industry.

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Risk Assessments 

CWA is the pertinent company in identifying potential hazards, analyzing their likelihood and consequences, and developing mitigation strategies to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. Our surveyors work closely with ship owners and authorities to categorize risks, implement safety measures, and establish emergency response plans. Ongoing monitoring and training ensure that risks are effectively managed to protect lives, assets, and the environment.

Marine Warranty Surveys

Marine Warranty Surveys (MWS) by CWA are a specialized service in the maritime industry where independent surveyors assess and verify the suitability and safety of various marine operations and projects. These surveys are often required by insurers, project owners, and regulatory bodies to ensure that high-risk maritime activities such as heavy lift operations, rig moves, or offshore installations meet stringent safety and operational standards. MWS professionals provide critical expertise to mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and safeguard both assets and the environment during complex marine operations.


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Cleghorn, Wilton & Associates (CWA) Ltd has diversified its services to include Dry-Dock Management, demonstrating its commitment to comprehensive maritime solutions and efficient vessel maintenance.

5 Phase Development

  • Phase 1: Pre-docking Preparation.

  • Phase 2: Preparing a Docking Plan.

  • Phase 3: Understanding the Stability Conditions.

  • Phase 4: Arrival.

  • Phase 5: The Actual Docking.



At CWA, we bring decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to quality to every project. We understand that the maritime industry demands precision, expertise, and unwavering dedication to safety and compliance. When you choose CWA, you're choosing a partner dedicated to safeguarding your maritime investments and ensuring the highest standards in ship auditing and surveying.

Vessel Inspection


Our marine experts conduct thorough inspections of ships, covering all key areas including hull structure, machinery, safety equipment, and compliance with international regulations. We leave no stone unturned in our quest for ship safety and reliability.

Condition Surveys


We provide detailed assessments of a ship's overall condition, identifying any defects, weaknesses, or potential issues that may compromise its seaworthiness or operational efficiency. Our surveys are a critical tool for owners and operators to plan maintenance and repairs.

Safety Audits


Safety is paramount in the maritime industry. Our safety audits evaluate a vessel's compliance with industry safety standards and guidelines. We provide actionable recommendations to enhance safety measures and reduce risks.

Compliance and Insurance Checks


CWA offers a wide spectrum of maritime services, including surveys for Protection and Indemnity Clubs, as well as Bollard Pull certification, ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance. We excel in insurance surveys, claims, average and loss adjustments, and conduct meticulous loss and risk assessments, providing expert claims advice and salvage supervision. Our credentials extend to certification authority for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, and we serve as examiners for Masters, including NCV and vessels below 500 GRT. Additionally, we offer comprehensive International Safety Management (ISM) consultancy services, along with pre-shipment inspections, monitoring, and certification, guaranteeing the integrity and quality of your maritime operations.Our team ensures that your vessel complies with a myriad of international and regional regulations, including SOLAS, MARPOL, ISM, and ISPS codes. We assist clients in meeting statutory requirements, avoiding penalties, and maintaining a reputation for responsible ship management.

Cargo Surveys


CWA offers a comprehensive range of cargo surveying services, catering to diverse industries and cargo types. From damage surveys for fruit, general, and bulk shipments to meticulous out-turn assessments and refrigerated cargo inspections, our expertise ensures the integrity of your goods. We specialize in oil, gas, and chemical cargo measurements, livestock shipments, and pre-shipment/pre-discharge inspections. Our services also encompass container cargo inspections, draft surveys, quality assessments, and stowage planning for bulk cargoes, LPG/LNG shipments, and even luxurious yacht and boat loading, vanning, and lashing. Trust CWA for excellence in cargo surveying and safeguarding your valuable shipments.

Pre-Purchase Inspections


Prospective buyers and discerning investors place their trust in CWA for our rigorous pre-purchase inspections. We meticulously conduct assessments and furnish transparent, detailed reports that empower stakeholders to make well-informed decisions when considering vessel acquisitions. Our comprehensive suite of services includes Sale-Purchase evaluations, precise Valuation appraisals, and meticulous Suitability surveys. Additionally, we offer thorough On and Off Hire surveys, ensuring a highly professional approach that meets the exacting standards of our esteemed clientele. Rely on CWA for expert guidance in your maritime investments and transactions.

Damage Assessment


 CWA stands ready to provide immediate and professional response when accidents or incidents occur, delivering precise assessment and documentation of damages. Our extensive expertise becomes a pivotal asset in expediting insurance claims processes and facilitating swift, informed repair decisions, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. We excel in container damage and repair assessment, including specialized expertise in reefer containers. Our capabilities extend to casualty investigations, contamination and pollution inquiries, and vigilant repair supervision and cost control, guaranteeing comprehensive solutions to a wide range of maritime challenges, including Charter Party disputes. Trust CWA for expert guidance and resolution in the face of maritime incidents.

Consulting and Advisory


Our seasoned consultants offer valuable advice on vessel maintenance, risk management, and compliance strategies. We're committed to helping clients make informed choices that maximize their maritime assets' performance and value.



Elevate your projects with CWA's unmatched engineering and technical expertise. Our team of seasoned professionals brings precision and innovation to every endeavor. From concept to execution, we deliver solutions that redefine industry standards. Choose CWA for excellence in engineering and technical excellence that propels your success.

Magnetic Deviation Survey 

A magnetic deviation survey, also known as compass calibration or compass compensation, is a process used to determine and correct the magnetic deviation or variation on a vessel. This survey is essential for accurate navigation because it ensures that a ship's magnetic compass provides correct headings by compensating for the magnetic interference caused by the vessel's structure and equipment.

Offshore Engineering

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At CWA, we excel in conducting comprehensive feasibility surveys, gathering essential data for diverse offshore projects, and delivering precise engineering calculations. Our technical support is second to none, providing invaluable insights to our engineering team. We meticulously review Method Statements, Lifting Plans, and Load Outs as part of our Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) services, ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency. Plus, we take pride in crafting and maintaining Marine Operation Manuals that set the gold standard for industry excellence, ensuring the success of your maritime endeavors. Choose CWA for meticulous expertise that fuels your offshore projects' success.

Detail Design


CWA specializes in outfit engineering and layout design for various marine applications. Our expert team creates precise engineering drawings to optimize outfitting solutions, ensuring efficient and functional vessel configurations. With a focus on safety and functionality, we deliver top-notch outfitting layouts that meet industry standards and client needs.

Project Management


CWA excels in professional technical coordination, serving as the linchpin between ship owners and managers and our accomplished design team. We expertly navigate the waters of liaison, ensuring seamless communication with classification authorities for design approvals and shipyards for construction oversight. Furthermore, our astute coordination with trusted vendors guarantees the selection of equipment precisely tailored to meet the exacting demands of your design specifications. Rely on CWA for a truly professional approach that delivers exceptional results in every maritime endeavor.


Our highly skilled and experienced team at CWA specializes in the logical domains of Risk Assessment, Asset Integrity Management, and Valuation. We take immense pride in our extensive client base, which stretches from the UAE to Singapore, relying on our services consistently. Our Risk Assessment and Valuation expertise are widely recognized and accepted by major banks and insurers worldwide, reflecting the highest industry standards.

Our engagements span various sectors, including Marinas, Tank Farms, Ship Scrap Yards, Ship Building Yards, Ship Repair Yards, Floating Docks, and a diverse range of marine assets, from tugs to VLCCs. Additionally, we are trusted partners in evaluating mothballed industrial plants and providing expert guidance on Pleasure Yachts. At CWA, our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive unparalleled service, precision, and financial institution acceptability in all their valuation, risk assessment, and insurance needs.

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